Fragment 0008 - Urban Outfitters Direct-Mail Catalog

Spring 2007

This is the DM catalog of Urban Outfitters retail store in 2007. It adopts a large size of 11″ x 17″. The full-body photos of the model on the inner page occupy 3/4 of the board surface. The large photo layout with high contrast can show the products more clearly and attract the attention of consumers. After the social media dominated by photos was launched one after another after 2010, businesses have shifted their resources to online marketing, reducing or giving up sending printed direct mail catalogs.

這是Urban Outfitters服裝零售商店2007年的DM商品目錄,採用了11″ x 17″大尺寸,內頁模特兒全身照片佔據了3/4板面,對比度高的大照片排板,更能特顯商品,吸引消費者目光。2010年以後照片為主的社交媒體相繼推出後,商家們都把資源轉投在線上營銷,減少或放棄發送印刷直郵商品目錄。