Spring 2012

This is the HTC smartphone that I used before I switched to iPhone 4 in 2012, which can be said to be the product of the previous generation. I like its appearance and the texture of its hands very much. Now a new generation of phablet will inevitably have the same appearance in order to consider its function and practicability. In the old days, due to the limitation of software and hardware technology, manufacturers paid more attention to appearance design, so the appearance of mobile phones was more personalized.

這台是我在2012年轉用iPhone 4前使用的htc智能手機,可說是上一個世代的產物。我很喜歡它的外型和手握的質感。現在新一代平板手機為顧及功能和實用性,外型難免一式一樣。舊時由於軟硬體技術限制,生產商更花心思在外觀設計,所以當時手機外型反而更有個性。