Fragment 0006 – “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal” Exhibition Brochure

December 2012

When I returned to Hong Kong in the winter of 2012, the media were all hyped up about the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Before the so-called “end of the world”, I visited Andy Warhol’s “Andy Warhol: Fifteen Minutes of Eternity” exhibition held by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone can be famous for 15 minutes.” This square pink brochure is an exhibition magazine designed by the museum. The front page is an acrylic mirror page. I can see myself and feel like Warhol said. I became famous.

2012年冬天回港,當時媒體都在炒作2012年12月21日世界末日這話題。我在「世界末日」前參觀了香港藝術館舉辦的Andy Warhol「安迪‧華荷︰十五分鐘的永恆」作品展覽。華荷曾經說過「在未來,人人都可成名十五分鐘」。這本正方形粉紅色的小冊子是館方設計的展覽場刊。打開首頁是一面亞克力鏡面頁,可以看到自己的樣子,感覺像華荷說的,我成名了。